Welcome to the Odessa National Maritime University!

Youth and sea are the related concepts. Perhaps that is why so many people desire to get maritime education among boys and girls. However, the applicants do not realize how big and varied this romantic marine science with the official name - Odessa National Maritime University. ONMU which has featured a huge world wide experience in the formation of specialist intellectual profile and the best maritime tradition, is known all over the world.

Entering the student's family of Odessa's "Vodniy", young people have access to the secrets of the future profession, which is completely open to those who want to become an expert. The one who receives a diploma ONMU confidently enters into life, knowing about your professional demand. Not in vain for several generations of leading teachers give their fundamental knowledge to future marine engineers, forming them as leaders and organizers of the ports, shipyards, offshore companies. In an era of rapid technological and intellectual progress Odessa National Maritime University has kept pace with the times, initiating solutions to many important issues of the maritime industry, introducing in the educational process of the latest methods and technology training and education. A large number and wide range of marine disciplines, studied at the Odessa National Maritime University, emphasize its uniqueness on a global scale.


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