The Faculty of Water-Transport and Shelf Constructions of ONMU, which was established in 1945, prepares coastal, port and offshore engineers, who provide projection, building and technical service of marine ports, waterways, waterworks and onshore facilities. full-time and extramural ways of studying.

Сoastal, port and offshore engineering is one of the oldest and the most important branches of human activities. The main purpose of it is to explore seas and oceans for national economy’s needs, namely building of marine ports and waterways, wave protection and berthing constructions, shiplifting and onshore facilities, special water structures for continental shelf exploring, coast protection against wave’s destructive influence.

During its existence, the faculty released 5000 engineers, who hold an appointment as managers and top agents at marine and river ports, shipyards and dockyards, waterways offices and emergency rescue and underwater technical works subdivisions, project and scientific-research organizations, educational institutions.

The Faculty of Water-Transport and Shelf Constructions takes part in many international scientific-research projects together with different countries’ profile organizations, keeps in touch with ports and other objects of Ukraine’s and CIS countries’ marine economic complex.

of the Faculty of Water-Transport and Shelf Constructions
Igor Mykolayovych

associate professor


Opening hours

Monday - friday: 8.30 - 17.30

technical break: 12.00 - 13.00


65029, Odessa, 34 Mechnikova str., room 130 old corp., ONMU.

tel.: + 38 (048) 728-31-25

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