On November 25 a real show of stage play and talent took place in ONMU.

"Not just good students, but great theaters are studying at ONMU" are the words of many spectators which were presenting at the play "About Fedot-shooter" by Leonid Filatov. Director - candidate of historical sciences Valery Levchenko.

Spectators were applauding on foot and shouting bravo! What could be better for an actor, director, musician, and anyone who has made a significant contribution to the show.

Theatrical performances to the birthday of the university are already a good tradition, and even more so when the performance is high-quality, bright, with beautiful costumes, filled with a talented cast of actors and most importantly seasoned with love.

We are very grateful to the creators, we wish them creative inspiration, a great scene and even more to bring such aesthetic pleasure to the viewer. We are waiting for new theatrical performances!

Samsonnikov Dariya from Odessa National Maritime University became the most beautiful student of Ukraine.

On November 17, the StudentMiss Ukraine competition took place in Kyiv, where the most beautiful students from different cities of our country fought for the crown. We remind that 5th year student of IMB Samsonnikov Darina represented her home university at the StudMiss Odessa competition, where she won the dream crown, and yesterday she brought the victory and the crown of StudMiss Ukraine to Odessa.

We are proud of our students, they are by far the most beautiful, the most talented, the smartest. And soon Darina will travel to South Korea for the StudentMiss Universe contest! We wish you creative success, inspiration, great strength and victory!

Vodniy, Odessa and the country believe in our victory, that's why the most beautiful girls from Ukraine and they study at ONMU!

Our dear students, we congratulate you in your holiday! You are the best, most talented, active and creative, ambitious, progressive and purposeful, honest and sensitive, confident and knowledgeable, you are the creators of your destiny! We are glad to be with you and help you grow with all these things!

Dream, always believe in yourself, even when others do not believe, block negative thoughts, channel your efforts in the desired direction, do not be distracted, maintain a positive mood, never underestimate yourself - and any height, any depth will obey! And don't forget about the fun!

On October 16, 2019, the Round table «“Significance of Social Development of "The Belt and Road" Initiative» was held in the framework of the work of CASS-ONMU: CENTRE OF CHINA STUDIES in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

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According to the Erasmus + K1 program and the Inter-institutional agreement between universities announce a competition for part-time students at University of West Attica, Greece for the spring semester of 2020. Students and staff of ONMU can participate in the program.

To get acquainted with the course of study, follow the link

The deadline for submission to the IRD is November 20, 2019.

For more information, contact IRD 219 room of laboratory building (+380 48 732-05-47, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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